PVA Layers
You need
Cheapo tissue type paper again
Watered down pva glue
Bits and pieces ie torn up coloured tissue pieces threads, maybe fine cords, fabric strips, glitzy bits, glitter etc
1 Paper down on plastic, paint with glue,
2 next sheet on top same again,
3 spread out threads, some near the edges, and other textural bits you have.
4 Lay last sheet on top, you can colour this various merging colours as above
5 Leave to dry. If you want a small piece for a project, wet a strip and pull apart so you have ragged edges, maybe cutting a few of the threads
Copper Verdigris/Rusty Tin Effect
Using a piece of the above paper, you can transform it into a piece of old copper plate or rusty old tin. Very distressing
You need Chemtech copper/green or aqua blue patinas, or steel/instant rust patina (available from addresses in supplies lists artemall)
Piece of above paper
1 Scrunch up paper, open out
2 Apply steel for rust or copper for verdigris, in various places, Dry
3 Apply again and while damp apply patinas blue/green for copper, insta rust for rust
4 Leave for hour can apply more for stronger effect.
5 You can rub over some gold or bronze markel oil sticks on raised surfaces for added glint and highlights
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