Have a workshop of your own and create some groovy papers for your projects

Colouring your paper
It's worth taking time to get a collection of dyed papers together, to use for further alteration
I use:- the cheap paper as above- this falls to pieces usually when wet, but do it on some plastic and leave until dry , or use hair drier
Tissue white or coloured already
Any ordinary paper, sometimes I try handmade papers
Usually find real dye too expensive but strong colour
I like Brusho (made by Colourcraft Ltd. Sheffield. Eng) watercolour powder, mix  several pots of different hues pref. Harmonious colours ie reds, magentas, yellows/ mauves, magenta, blues, experiment, to a strong strength.
Acrylics, inks or paints watered down
On a big opened up plastic bag, spread out papers and splosh on colours letting them run into each other. This is really therapeutic. Dry
You can do a few more things
1 Flick over some metallic paint I like Reeves metallic ready mixed poster paint in gold copper silver
2 Sprinkle some more Brusho over but careful as it is very concentrated
3 Sponge another colour, dabbing all over
4 mix some paint or ink with gold ink, or Liquitex acrylic iridescent tinting medium
Brusho and Markel sticks available from Art Van Go. (See UK artemall)
Collect up your papers and use for futher experiments, like the one below
This one's easy to begin with and achieves some really interesting results in no time
Metallic effect Paper
You need
Any type of paper you have, tissue is nice, dyed paper (see next technique) cheap is good.
Markel Oil Sticks in copper, gold or silver. You can also try wax crayons
Old iron (cant be used afterwards)
Newspaper to cover surfaces
Method 1
1 Get your hot iron and rub over the Markle stick so it melts.
2 Slide over the paper quickly and lightly
Will take a bit of practise to get it how you want it, so its best to use something cheap ie paper out of shoe boxes or stuff that is used to wrap up delicate things. I've got quite a collection which I knew would come in useful one day.
Method 2
Same as above but try scrunching up the paper tightly, then open out and iron
Gives a nice crackly look
Try different metallic colours blending them in. You can get quite artistic with the iron, beats ironing shirts
Method 3
No iron here but try on some textured surface, anyglypta wall paper does nice things,
Paper over top and rub with various shades of Markel. This oil stick can be used on fabric also. You can also use it as a resist and flood colour into non painted areas When dry is permanent
Please copy and paste tutorials into note pad for easier reading