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Nov/Dec 2000
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The previous round of altered books for the past year has come to its end and they are finding their way to back to their homes, full of exciting and creative pages.
A message from Suzanne, below, expresses her feelings on receiving her book

This round of books with new participants is hosted by Shauna Palmer
Wow, you guys! :)
I just received the book I started, lo these many moons ago. It's been arted up by each one of you, and it's nearly bursting at its seams.
I can't tell you how exciting and emotional it is to go through it, page by page. I chose this book because I loved the cheesy pictures, they seemed so full of possibility -- and you rose to the challenge!
Some of you know me well, and others know me only as an email address... some of you are privy to my realities and dreams, my disappointments and triumphs, my loves and peeves, my outer face and my inner one... somehow, all are reflected in the pages you created, whether you know me or not. Sure, I'm reading a lot into your work... I am conscious of what I am bringing to the experience of each page. And I think that's part of the process, no? I wasn't expecting that, but it makes perfect sense now.
Thank you Helga, Tara, Shauna, Elizabeth, Gillian, Hilary, Cheryl, Miyoko and Caren!! What a gift of inspiration this book is.
I guess there must be a couple more books nearing completion of their routes... sit down, gals, it's really something to get your book back! LOL
Kiss kiss!
Shauna Palmer
Shauna Palmer
Shauna Palmer
Pilar Pollock
Pilar Pollock
Pilar Pollock
Pilar Pollock in Elizabeth's book
Shauna in Shauna's book
Megan Whisner /Cover
Megan Whisner in her book
Megan Whisner/ back cover
Megan Whisner inside cover
Megan Whisner
Megan Whisner
Megan Whisner
Megan Whisner
Shauna Palmer
Shauna in Megan's book
Shauna Palmer