I have always enjoyed playing with clay and trying to incorporate it into other mixed media projects.  I think that it is such a versatile medium.
So when I was playing around one day trying to get my clay to look more like wood, I was very happily surprised to find that I created the effect that I was after through much trial and error.  I use mostly architectural stamps that have a wood look to them to help with the whole look of the "wood clay".

Instructions -
I have always used translucent clay for this technique.  Soften and condition the clay using a pasta machine.  Take a canvas and smear the clay onto the canvas being mindful of where you are going to stamp your image.  Then prepare your clay for stamping by using a little bit of  baby powder sprinkled lightly on top.  This will keep your clay from sticking
to the rubber stamp.  Then stamp your image into clay.  This might take a little bit of practice and pressure.  The great thing about it is that the clay can be reused if the image is not right.  Once you are happy with the image, spray walnut ink onto the clay and spread all over the clay.  Then bake according to manufacturers directions. 
Remove from oven and let cool.  You will see that the ink can be removed so, I add a layer of liquid sculpey to the now baked clay.  (I have tried to skip this first baking and just apply the liquid sculpey immediately after spraying
on the walnut ink but, it never works.  The ink and sculpey don't seem to mesh together unless the ink is first baked. )  Once the sculpey is all over the clay, bake again according to the manufacturer's instructions.
When done, remove and let completely cool.  Sometimes, I like to take sandpaper and sand the clay.  You will find that the longer you let the clay sit, the better it will be to sand.  Then, you can collage onto the canvas.
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