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La roue de la fortune
a magic paint-brush, thus giving birth to the story, to shapes,
characters, landscapes... In a way, I have the same joy while realizing
my modern marble paintings. After having left school, I went back to
drawing and painting as an amateur, as a dilettante, an explorator, an
autodidact, inventing not rules but ways of exploration.
What encouraged me to continue was the unexpected apparition of a
vegetal face during my first essay with watercolour, which provoked the
surprise and the astonishment of an explorator who, 10 or 15 years
later, is not back yet from those lands and continue to discover new ones.
I multiplied the essays, always questing for the new, diversifying
the techniques, the viewpoints, getting more audacious. The works illustrated here give an idea of the diverse aspects of my work.
Marble painting. This technique was used 1000 years ago by Persian Sufis
as a mean of meditating before beginning their circle dance. In the 18th century it was used for decorating cover page of books. I practice this technique in a more free way. For me, it's also a kind of contemplation or meditation. China ink. Another kind of improvisation, with reminiscences of hieroglyphs and Chinese ideograms. Mandala. Geometry and colours, computer generated, but without the cold or artificial aspect of such works.
Collage, according to the old fashion of surrealist collage, with the help of a image computer program, which give new liberties to the artist, and give to his imagination tools that allow him to incarnate his visions. Manipulations give birth to new images, a kind of a lyric abstraction, in which the original motive gets drowned or is integrated into a new creation. These pictures are printed on different types of creation papers and boards, which give them a certain style. They are the etchings of the 21st century.
Since 1999, printed images have been integrated in new compositions mixing collage, painting and china ink. These works constitutes the present issue of a work that has never being stopping to look for new forms of exploration for 15 years.
At the moment, Alain Valet is working on a series of little books illustrating different aspects of his graphic and artistic work.
I was born in 1967, living in Arlon (Belgium), writing poetry for 10-13
years, making painting for 10 years, computer art with Photoshop for 3
or 4 years. I use classic technique of marbled painting in a modern way, I
have hundreds of paintings made in this technique, from business card
format to 50 x 70 cm, also many China Ink works, color inks, collages,
etc. etc. I'm always looking for new picture to see and new images to

At the beginning, were the drawings of my earliest youth. Little colored
squares put side by side to form what my brother and I used to call
"magazines": my first primitive art, full of innocence, plenitude of
little boy's concentration upon his work. After, there were school art
courses which seriously broke into this primitive innocence. My work as an artist, is like a tentative of recovering the child's joy in front of
colours. Over the year, it has also become a mean of exploration and of
communication. Another remembrance linked to the origin of my artistic
emotions is an old Disney movie, in which colours were flowing out from
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