French Boudoir.
My name is Janet Diamond and I live in tony, Beverly Hills, California.
I've always been interested in crafts of all sorts and so I've dabbled
in a few; mosaic work, clothing embellishment, jewelry, embroidery,
knitting, etc. I've also been dancing Classical Ballet and Jazz most of my life.
The craft I'm most involved in presently is jewelry making-
specifically earrings which I sell to private customers and on Ebay
(user name "janetcooley"). I used to sell in some of the finest
boutiques, but now most of my sales are on Ebay.
I love mixing materials; the precious stones (rubies, emeralds, etc,),
with semi-precious, with base metals, silver,shells, vintage shell
findings, vintage findings.... I find also that mixing the fine with
the more mundane, the opaque with the translucent is far more
interesting than your usual jewelry. I buy my beads and findings on
Ebay, jewelry and bead shows, flea markets, garage sales...anywhere I
can find interesting and unusual pieces to incorporate.
The way I usually approach making a pair of earrings is that I look at
a particular bead or finding and then I will sense either a style to
bring out (earthy and  rustic or perhaps Renaissance looking, or
vintage funky, or even ancient Japanese forest...). I usually get
inspired to create a style. And when I sell them on Ebay, I give them
a title that I  hope conveys what I was thinking of when I created
each pair.
For Janet Diamond's earrings click here for Seller Search and type in janetcooley
French Boudoir. I have used a vintage gorgeous opalesque foil bead, a finely detailed metal bead (Nigerian), a vintage flower finding, crystals, a handpainted finding of a pink rose (on mother of pearl), an antique gold and pink Venetian bead, and a pink sapphire. There are 3 goldfill beads, as are the earwires.
English Garden
English Garden I have used a wedding cake bead, 2 vintage crystal beads, a yellow stone donut, a lavender/magenta calcedony faceted teardrop, glass flower beads, a lavender crystal, silver bead and a porcelain flower finding (made in England).
Rainy Day Blues
Rainy Day Blues. Foil, Crystal ,Chalcedony, Topaz Earrings. I have used a rainbow calcedony bead, a gorgeous handpainted (on mother of pearl) rose and foliage finding, a bottom teardrop finding of silver with blue topaz, a gold crystal, and a most incredible vintage glass foil bead. Most of the caps are silver with the exception of a couple around the foil bead which are vintage and metal.
Venetian Antique Style.
Antique Chinese Coin
Antique Chinese Coin. I have used an old Chinese coin, a carved turquoise bead, an enamel butterfly and a fish finding, various semi-precious tiny beads, and an iolite teardrop.There is a glass flower bead. Most of the beadcaps are silver except 2 of them. All the chains and wire are silver.
Venetian Antique Style. Foil, Crystal These are however, symmetrical. They consist of beautiful modern venetian beads, crystals, silver caps and chain and wire, and at the bottoms are tiny faceted high quality garnets to give them sparkle.
Primeval Goddess
Primeval Goddess Handmade Earrings. They consist of a fabulous amethyst crystal (real, not colored) a brown/lavender pearl, and hanging is a jasper goddess pendant. It is a lovely, smooth lavender/grey/mocha brown color. The other earring has a black shell donut, the most fabulous japanese foil glass bead (sorry, I get very excited about this kind of stuff), and a silver raw crystal hanging at the bottom with 4 silver crystals that give it extra fizz.
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